Caprice Nightclub Tech Specs

The Caprice nightclub offers the city’s most advanced lighting, audio and visual systems.

Our custom lighting trussing hosts twelve Martin 250 Krypton intelligent lights which can be programmed to set any mood or bring focus to any part of the venue at the client’s request.

Our visual system consists 12.5’ X 7.5’ 12mm LED wall control by Resolume Arena.

Sound Specs


  •  AMPS:
  •  Crest Audio – CC2800 (x1)
  •  Crest Audio – CC4000 (x2)
  •  Crest Audio – CA 6 (x1)
  •  Crest Audio Pro 9200Series (x2)
  •  London Blu-100 Signal processor (x1)
  •  London Blu-BOB Break Out Box (x2)
  •  QSC MX1500 Dual Monaural Amp (x3)



  •  EAW ASR9603e (x5)
  •  RCF Subs (x8)



  •  Pioneer DJM900Nexus (x2)
  •  Pioneer CDJ2000nexus (x2)
  •  Technics SL1200 MK5(x2)
  •  QSC KW122 Monitor (x2)



  •  Martin Mac250 Krypton (x12)
  •  Coemar Razorlite (x4)
  •  Radiance Hazer (x1)
  •  DK-2000 Strobe (x2)
  •  Chamsys Maxiwing w/ Magic Q

Video Specs


  • Projection Screen (10’x10’) w/ SANYO PRO xtraX Multiverse Projector
  • LG 42” HD LCD TV (x2 upstairs)
  • Panasonic HD TV 42” (x1 VIP Bar)
  • Sony Bravia 32” LCD HD TV (x2 downstairs bar)
  • 12.5’ X 7.5’ 12mm LED video wall
  • Resolume Arena Software



  • Chamsys Magic Q
  • Modul8